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Theresa May launching the government But more recently, have the Tories been blowing hot and cold about the green agenda? David Cameron championed the environment as a key issue for his party when he took over as leader in 2005. "Vote Blue, go Green" he urged voters the following year in local elections, promising a "green revolution" under the Tories, who were to get a new logo in the form of a scribbled tree. Mr Cameron memorably went to the Arctic to see first-hand the effects of climate change and to be pictured on a dog-driven sled. "Hug a husky" - as the episode came to be known - became one of the defining images representing his attempts to modernise and rebrand the Conservative Party to broaden its appeal. The Conservatives went into the 2010 election promising to be the greenest government in history. Image caption David Cameron drove a dog-sled on the island of Svalbard, Norway, in 2006 There were pledges to reduce emissions, to promote low carbon technology, to conserve natural habitats and an offer of a so-called Green Deal to improve energy efficiency in homes. But once in power, in coalition with the Liberal Democrats, critics say, David Cameron's enthusiasm for the green agenda began to wane, and some questioned his genuine commitment to the cause. The government was preoccupied with reducing the deficit and putting the brakes on public spending, and the Lib Dems took charge of the flagship announcement of the introduction of a 5p tax on plastic bags. There was also a planned sell-off of state-owned woodland in England. In 2013, it was reported that David Cameron had told Downing Street aides to "get rid of all the green crap" - referring to environmental levies on energy bills.


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Exhibition Of Clothes Worn By Rape Survivors Proves That Clothing Doesn't Incite Attacks An exhibition depicting the clothing worn by the survivors of rape has been opened in Brussels. A joint venture between The University of Kansas and the municipal authorities of Molenbeek, the exhibition dispels the myth that certain clothing incites rape. 'What Were You Wearing?', at the Centre Communautaire Maritime (CCM) in Brussels, is described as a 'visual exhibition that highlights that a sexual assault never occurs because of what a person wears, but because one person attacks another'. Jen Brockman, director of the University of Kansas' Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Centre, told the Chicago Tribune : "We want people to be able to see themselves reflected in the installation, in the description, in the outfits. "That someone's clothing causes sexual violence is false." Host to 18 replicated pieces of clothing from real victims of rape, the exhibition tells the story behind each garment. Items on display include pyjamas, a child's 'My Little Pony' t-shirt and a policed officer's uniform. With reference to the 'My Little Pony' shirt, Lieshbeth Kennes, a training and counselling employee of victim support group CAW, told VRT1 Radio: "The exhibition is a harsh reality; most victims of rape still know what they were wearing at the time." "What you immediately notice when you walk around here is they are all very normal pieces that everyone would wear." In 2014, Twitter user Christine Fox asked the question 'What were you wearing when you were assaulted?', to which she was flooded responses off thousands of men and women. This kickstarted a campaign and the hashtag of 'what were you wearing?' The creation of the Kansas University and Brussels exhibition soon followed suit. The Prevention Service of Molenbeek said that the exhibit creates a 'tangible response to one of our most pervasive rape culture myths' because 'the belief that clothing or what someone what wearing 'causes' rape is extremely damaging for survivors'. A police uniform is part of the exhibition (Credit: CCM) The exhibition, which can be seen at the community centre of Molenbeek in Brussels, is open from January 8 to 20.

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