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Raj Dasgupta investigate if climate control bedding is the answer! Lauren and Eric do not agree on the ideal bed temperature, as new mom Lauren wants it warm when she gets into bed and cool when shes asleep. Eric prefers a constant cool bed. Carole and Rick cannot seem to find a temperature sweet spot, as Carol is dealing with temperature issues related to being post-menopausal and is sweating one minute and cold the next. Watch:Who Needs More Sleep: Men or Women? We set up the climate-conflicted couples with BedJet, which offers dual temperature zones and allows users to keep it cool or make it toasty, all while lying next to each other. Lauren and Eric called the climate control device wonderful and tell The Doctors that it has allowed them to both get a better nights sleep . Dr. Dasgupta says the device successfully combines ideal temperature and helps mimic our circadian rhythm making sure that when we sleep our temperature drops.

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