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| Thu Sep 22, 2016 | 2:46pm EDT Accused New York bomber's wife back; lawyer seeks access to suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami,. Courtesy Union County Prosecutors Office/Handout via REUTERS By David Ingram | NEW YORK NEW YORK The wife of the Afghan-born U.S. citizen charged in last weekend's bombings in New York City and New Jersey has returned to the United States, a law enforcement official said on Thursday, as a defense lawyer pressed to get access to the accused man. Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, has been held in a Newark, New Jersey, hospital since being arrested on Monday with wounds after a shootout with police. Rahami faces federal charges in both states stemming from a Saturday night bombing in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood that injured 31 people and explosives found in two New Jersey locations. No one was killed in the blasts. Rahami's wife, Asia Bibi Rahami, flew back to the United States overnight, a law enforcement official said. She had voluntarily met with U.S. law enforcement authorities while in the United Arab Emirates this week and gave a statement. ชุดว่ายน้ำเอวสูง วินเทจ Two years ago when she was pregnant, Rahami had sought the assistance of a U.S. congressman from New Jersey in getting her a visa to allow her to come to the United States from Pakistan.

While he described the weight cut to 140 pounds as the hardest cut ever, he said he is very confident she will make the limit. My biggest issue is that shes stressed out, he said. Ive got to relax her as much as possible. On Tuesday, Justino released a behind-the-scenes (via YouTube ) of her fight camp that showed her arguing with Lockhart over the decision to make her take birth control: Today, Lockhart defended his decision to recommend the medication and said it stemmed from a difficult weight cut in her previous training camp, which was depicted in another behind-the-scenes video that showed Justino crying as she attempted to shed pounds. Eager to avoid repeating that experience, Lockhart said he advised the birth control in mid-camp, when Justino was not consistently losing weight. And as the fight drew nearer, he said, reversing course was not a sound option. The problem is, once you get so long into camp, you cant go off it again, he said. Because what happens is, your hormones have to readjust. And its like, we dont have time for this. I made a decision.

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