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More from Carlos Slim Is $16 Billion Poorer But a Whole Lot More Popular Think of it like a haircut, she said. People get bored of their hairstyles, so we get bored of our hijab styles. Torkiaknown as Dina Tokio to her 1.1 million Instagram fans and more than half-million YouTube subscribersblogs about finding clothes that reflect her faith-based values of dressing modestly. She has released her own lines and worked with a number of brands, including London high-end department stores Liberty and Harvey Nichols , as well as French luxury house Lancome . YouTube: 20 SIMPLE HIJAB STYLES! - TUTORIAL Dina Torkia demonstrates how to style a hijab in 20 different ways. The market has been obvious for years. In 2015, Muslim women are estimated to have spent $44 billion on modest fashion alone, according to a Thomson Reuters report . Muslims make up 23 percent of the world's population, and the Pew Research Center expects the figure to grow to 29.7 percent by 2050. More from Welfare Icon Now Wants People to Take Care of Themselves Religious womennot just Muslims, but Jews and Christians as wellhave long struggled to find clothesthat are both modest and trendy.Rabia Zargarpur, one of the pioneer designers in the modest-fashion world, said that when she started wearing a headscarf around 2001,shedrew styling inspiration fromErykah Badu, who isn't Muslim.

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Britain So, Spring Budgets will again become autumn ones (the first will be later this year), while the other big set piece event, the Autumn Statement, will become a spring one (the first will be in 2018). This statement will no longer be a "major fiscal event", according to the chancellor, but simply a response to forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility. Opinion among accountants and tax advisers is that this change to the UK's law-making on tax is a very good thing. "I applaud his decision," says Anne Redston, visiting professor of tax law at King's College London, and author of Tolley's Yellow Tax Handbook. "It gives more time for proper consultation on any changes, which can identify unexpected consequences. "It allows things to be stress-tested by parliamentarians, commentators and others," she adds. Chas Roy-Chowhdury, of the ACCA accountancy body, says having one "fiscal" event each year "keeps it simple and stops overloading us with complexity". Moving the Budget back to the autumn will also give the government more time to explain forthcoming changes which will typically come into effect the following April, at the start of the new tax year. That is an important consideration. More time Take the current revaluation of business rates, which is due to come into effect at the start of April.

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