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Automakers are still not advertising their electric vehicles, study shows

When examining data from California and the Northeast, Nissan, Toyota, and Ford also spent NOTHING on ads for the plug-in Leaf, Prius Prime, Fusion, and C-Max Energi, respectively.” Here’s a comparison of Nissan’s ad spending on the Leaf versus the Rogue in the US: When looking at plug-in hybrids, we are seeing similar situations for Ford and Toyota with their respective vehicles: One silver lining is GM with the Chevy Bolt EV. We are still not talking about incredible ad money in total spending like they spend on their trucks, but it is nonetheless starting to add up to a decent amount in CARB states at least: “Chevy, which appears to have spent more than any other company on EV advertising, spent roughly $16 million in total advertising for the Bolt, looking nationwide and specifically in California and the Northeast — the markets where the “zero-emission vehicle mandate” is in place that requires automakers to sell increasing numbers of EVs.” That’s actually a lot of money per car when you consider that GM only delivered about 23,000 Bolt EVs in the US last year. That adds up to about $700 in advertising per car for the Bolt EV. In comparison, GM delivered over half a million Silverado trucks in the US last year, which results in just over $200 in advertising spending per truck. To be fair, that’s partly because they don’t have to advertise since most good EV out there is production constrained. But then you have to ask yourself ‘are they production constrained because there’s a ton of demand or because they are keeping the production way too low?’ The latter is too often true, unfortunately. You also have to look at Tesla, the biggest electric automaker in the US, and they don’t spend any money on traditional advertising. It’s certainly a weird space of its own right now that the industry is still trying to figure out. I think it’s going to improve soon as more EVs enter the market and it becomes a more competitive space. Also, efforts like  VW’s Electrify America launching a national advertising campaign to promote EVs  could also potentially make a difference.

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